The Fujifilm company is all set to try its luck in the market of printers. It will be the tough time task for them as the market is dominated by the big giants like HP. So they definitely planned something unique and launched its all-new Fujifilm Instax share sp-2 smartphone printer. Enjoy a fun photo printing experience with the Instax Share Smartphone Mini Printer. This compact, wireless, and portable printer lets you print real Instax photos from your phone or social media so you can share at any time. It provides a superb image quality with high resolution with print pixels of 800 x 600 dots and 320 dpi to show detailed gradations and the facial expressions of a full-length portrait, character or objects clearly. You enjoy a high-quality image within 10 sec that just great.


A new laser exposure system achieves a faster printing time of 10 seconds from print data transfer to print output. When you select “Real Time Template” and take a photo, the date, place, weather, temperature, and humidity are indicated in the frame. That too good it gives you a forgetting experience in very less price compared to other bulky printers available in the market. This handy printer is all you want you can easily keep it in the car and use it when needed.


Along with this, you can also choose from 4 different layouts. It is a template that can put the designed letters like art. It can also be used for making an amazing poster to decorate your home with such templates.There are many different templates, including one where you can add text and number your pictures, and one that automatically adds the time and location where you took the picture. The templates make sharing your pictures even more fun!.


With digital cameras, you can make Instax prints by sending the images directly from your camera to “Instax SHARE”.Connects up to 8 devices simultaneously, Make your own collage by printing up to 4 images in a single photo, he environmentally friendly, rechargeable battery charges through micro USB, Print images directly from your Facebook or Instagram feed. That’s all you want.There is a manual adjustment on the share printer app that allows you to make the image darker or lighter as you see fit.


High-resolution images with print pixels of 800×600 dots and 320 dpi to show detailed gradations, facial expressions, characters or objects clearly. Uses 256 levels per color (RGB) that gives your photo a new and different frame. From the FUJIFILM Intelligence Filter that optimizes your pictures to, Black & White and Sepia filters. It also includes a Custom Filter allowing you to optimize your photos. The app allows you to edit pictures easily. Download the free Instax Share app (iOS and Android).


Overall the mini-sized printer has a cut above from the other printer in the market. It will be liked by the INDIAN user not only for its quality but also its cheaper price. The Fujifilm Instax SP-2 is way far less expensive than other printer and affordable for everyone. It is priced at Rs 7,730 while other printers starting range is this. So surely this printer will fill your lives with the color of happiness.
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