Smart lighting is something new that made a lot of buzz in the 2018 year. KOOGEEK The various popular brands are now selling their smart product in the market. Their smart innovation is also making our life easier. With growing support for smart speakers like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. You can even use voice controls to turn smart lights on or off, dim them, or change their color. The sort of brilliant smart home feature that is entirely unnecessary but spectacular fun once you have it set up.


China’s Koogeek has aimed to disrupt the smart home industry. They are doing this by making products that are aesthetically pleasing, functional. But most importantly they are selling the products at reasonable prices. Its catalog for India includes a wide range of smart home gadgets including an LED bulb. An RGB light switch, a padlock, a door sensor, an E27 bulb socket adapter, and some IoT-enabled switches. The Koogeek LB1 is an 8 Watt LED light bulb that works like any other but offers smart control features. Koogeek’s vivid multicolor light bulbs are compatible with Apple’s Home app on your iPhone or iPad.


Or can be controlled via the company’s own app. Just as easy it is to set up to replace your existing E26/E27 light bulb. With the Koogeek Home app, you can easily control and monitor any connected light bulbs or scenes on your iOS device over a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. The company also says the bulb isn’t suitable for use outdoors, and certain enclosures or shades might obstruct its Wi-Fi reception.


Although the company is facing huge competiton with the Philips company. But still, the build quality is impressive. The bulb has a rated lifetime of 25,000 hours, which means that if it is used for about 8 hours a day. It should be able to last for more than 8 years. This is a nice budget option for smartening up your lighting, but be warned that it lifts the bulb by an extra couple of inches; this meant that it peeped out from below the shade in our living room and didn’t look as nice. You can match the light color to your mood and personalize your home. Now that’s a cool feature the company offers that may lure the customers.


The 2m long LS1 light strip has a total of 60 LEDs, placed equidistant to each other. It complements the LB1 LED bulb with a similar maximum luminous flux rating of 500 lumens. In addition to being controlled through the Koogeek iOS app and Apple’s Home app/ Siri, the light strip does support Google Home and Alexa, according to Koogeek’s website. With the Koogeek product, a power adapter is not included. The products plug is simply a standard USB. This is a unique and smart option that Koogeek has given, as the Koogeek could be plugged directly into your computer USB port or even perhaps the back of your television or audio receiver. Most of us have extra USB power adapters laying around if you need one.

I suspect that this allows Koogeek to further keep the cost down while providing a product that most people will be able to use right out of the box by adding their own USB adaptor or finding an open port on a device that they may want to utilize the lighting solution near. The light appears very bright, crisp and produces vivid colors as well as warm to cool white temperatures. With the use of Apple HomeKit or the Koogeek application set up can be completed in just a few moments. Shape the 2-meter light strip to desired forms and use the adhesive tape on the back to attach it to a cleanest, dry and flat solid surface. It can flexibly contour around corners and highlight architectural features. It offers 16 million colors to choose from and every color is dimmable in the Koogeek Home app.


The Koogeek Smart LED Light Strip and a smart bulb is a unique product offering in a category where being unique is difficult to come by. It accomplishes its unique trait by not necessarily what if offers but what it doesn’t offer and that is a plug adapter. If you are looking for a complete smart LED light strip and bulb that is responsive, boasts a long list of features, is easy to set up and install. The Koogeek Wi-Fi-enabled LB1 smart bulb is priced at Rs. 2,950 and the Wi-Fi-enabled LS1 smart light strip has a tag of Rs. 3,363 in India. Just buy them and make your home smart.


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