SAMSUNG SSD 970 Evo PLUS Features, Price

Samsung is always considered one of the top brands when its come to introducing new technology.Last year samsung has introduced lots of improved and upgraded version of the gadgets.Now it all set to sell its all new SSD.Samsung SSD 970 evo plus is the new flagship of the company.Its never dissatify its user when it comes to the quality of the product.Let see the all new product in the great detail.

SAMSUNG SSD 970 Evo PLUS: Features

The ultimate in performance, upgraded. Faster than the 970 EVO, the 970 EVO Plus is powered by the latest V-NAND technology and firmware optimization. It maximizes the potential of NVMe bandwidth for unbeatable computing. In capacities up to 2TB, with reliability of up to 1,200 TBW.Samsung claims up to a 57 percent increase in performance for the Plus over the older 970 EVO.Specifically, the 970 Evo Plus is designed to write at 3300MB/s sequential writing speed far outpacing the 970 Evo, which maxed out at 2,500MB/s, and even the 970 Pro’s top 3,300Mb/s  on sequential writes. Samsung claimed 500,000 IOPS and 480,000 IOPS for random reads and writes respectively with the SSD 970 Evo (measured at the ideal queue depth of 32). Those numbers are now up to 620,000 IOPS and 560,000 IOPS respectively with the SSD Evo Plus.


Although its performance will be nearly the same in all the hardware Performances may vary depending on SSD’s firmware version and system hardware & configuration. The 970 EVO Plus provides exceptional endurance powered by the latest V-NAND technology and Samsung’s quality. This new 96-layer V-NAND is especially significant as it makes Samsung one of the only companies to speed up its SSDs with new silicon. Looking at how well the drive performed in both sequential and random data transfer tasks, the 970 Evo Plus comes out on top in every test. There are 1TB PCIe x4 NVMe drives out there that are pushing the 15-cent mark. Achieve a new level of driver confidence.


Samsung’s advanced nickel-coated controller and heat spreader on the 970 EVO Plus enable superior heat dissipation. This automatically maintains the system temperature to minize the performance drop ands gives you the pefect performance. The Samsung Magician software will help you keep an eye on your drive. A suite of user-friendly tools helps keep your drive up to date, monitor drive health and speed, and even boost performance. The only mildly disappointing thing about the drive is that it couldn’t maintain its rated 3,300MB/s sequential write speed under load.


The 970 EVO Plus is more affordable than ever and will run like a champ the vast majority of the time. Although the Samsung SSD 970 Evo Plus does have a lot to offer. But the Samsung 970 Evo Plus has reclaimed the throne as the best SSD, coming in at reasonable prices and delivering the best overall performance and currently best available in the market. It is available at the price tag of 250GB: Rs. 6,479,500GB: Rs. 9,359,1TB: Rs. 17,999,2TB: Rs. 35,999. Though a bit expensive no doubt the best.

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