Sony has ended its 2018 on a high note and released many techs that just redefined the market. All the sony product is being loved by the user and also provide tough competition to the other counterparts. Now Sony has come with all new a6400 mirrorless camera. After years attacking the top end of the camera industry, it is nice to see Sony bring something out for the everyday users. The a6400 sits in the middle of the company’s current APS-C lineup, delivering great performance while maintaining a compact size and fun-filled feature set. Refine your sense of reality with a6400 an ideal partner offering superior speed, high-resolution imaging, pro-class operability and reliable performance even under harsh conditions.


The a6400’s autofocus system is significantly faster than some of the top-tier models currently on the market; in fact, it only takes the device 0.02 seconds to detect a subject that is still or in motion that is all possible with its all-new AI-based subject recognition tech. The a6400 comes with a touchscreen that flips all the way around 180 degrees so you get a vivid, easily adjustable preview of how you’ll look as you’re filming your latest video. The 24-megapixel A6400 comes with features such as 4K 30fps video shooting and AI-powered 425-point contrast and phase-detect autofocus.


With such high power, precision, and potential at your command, you can capture once in a lifetime experiences. Together, an effective image sensor and an enhanced image processor can take imaging as far as adventurous imaginations allow. The Sony a6400 camera delivers UHD 4K internally with full-pixel readout at up to 11 fps. This camera allows silent shooting at up to 8 fps. Silence is critical for shooting wildlife when even slight noise can mean missing a chance at an ideal shot.


The Sony A6400 can shoot at ISO 32,000 or an expanded ISO of 102,400 for extremely low light conditions. In 1080p you can shoot at up to 120fps. It supports HDR video recording as well with HLG support. The touchscreen tilt and swivel display can turn all the way around in case you’re interested in taking a selfie or want to record a video blog. The a6400 has 425 phase-detection AF points and 425 contrast-detection AF points that cover 84% of the image area.

Real-time Eye AF is introduced in the model, which lets the camera automatically detect the eyes of a subject and even lets photographers decide whether they want the right eye, left eye, or both eyes as the focal point. Additionally, the OLED electronic viewfinder is likely to be a welcome, especially for outdoor content creators. Sony claims it has “excellent noise reduction at medium and high sensitivities.” Plus, for those of you who care about color grading, the a6400 supports S-Log2 and S-Log3 profiles.


Overall the camera will give tough competitions to the camera like go pro and its a must buy for the photographer lovers, As stated earlier sony never fails to impress us so this time too it will surprise you with the bang. The Sony A6400 will go on sale in the US in February 2019 at around Rs. 63,900 for the body, or around Rs. 95,900 with the 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens.


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